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Welcome To Your Career At The Authority. 

My name is Crystal A. Young-Richards I am an active Shop Steward and I would like to provide you with some positive information that will help you throughout your tenure. 
•Your health is your wealth. 
Sure we all want to make money but the money will always be there and you need to make sure you are healthy when you are in performance of your duties. Make sure you schedule and keep up with doctor appointments and dental exams. As Civil Service Employees we are afforded time to take annual Mammograms and Prostate Exams.  
If you are an expecting mother, make sure you inform your Obstetrician/ Gynecologist the full scope of your job to ensure you have a safe pregnancy. Remember there is only one of you and you can not be replaced. 

•Become extremely versed in your Rules and Regulations as well as your rights. 
Once knowledge is obtained, it is something that you can keep forever. The only way to properly execute anything in life one has to be well versed. The Rule Book and the Contract are documents with a substantial amount of pages so take you time. If you have questions feel free to ask. There is no such thing as a stupid question. 
•Understand the scope of your job. 
Many of us filed for the DCAS exam and skimmed through the job title. Take a moment and understand your actual job description. Know what your job fully entails this will be fruitful in the long run. 
•Keep copies of everything.  
It may seem tedious and cumbersome however having copies of documents may be helpful. 
•Take notes. 
Each day one should take notes of pertinent events that transpire. It can be as simple as writing down an operating cab number, who you spoke to in Command Center, what time you called out sick and or someone who provided you with information about your pick. One would want to get in the habit of recording these events.  As the days go along it may be harder to recall off the top of your brain but very easy to go back to a hand written document.  
•You are a professional. 
You completed vigorous training to handle equipment. You have a uniform and as an Essential Employee you provide a service that many rely on day to day. Young children may often wave to you and aspire to be you one day when they get older. Be proud of yourself and the job you complete safely each and every day. Always remember “We Move New York”. 

Crystal Young-Richards 

TWU Local 100

Shop Steward R.T.O.



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